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The Agency M-IMAGE. Our main goal is assistance to clients in business development. We are ready to offer complex solutions, individual approach, quality service. Work with us allows us to rationally spend money and time. M-IMAGE: Creative solutions. Democratic prices. Call us and send emails. We provide you with ads, fulfilling the goal.

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Development of advertising company

We know how to make advertising with maximum efficiency and minimum budget. Professionally owning a large volume of information, our leading managers capable in the shortest terms to develop advertising for students of Your company with the maximum impact on the target audience. To combine together the advertisements on TV and radio, underground and outdoor advertising, the press, and POS materials, promotions for us will not be easy. The most important thing to clearly understand the goals and objectives of an integrated advertising campaign and the right to choose the media.

Competitive strategy - the strategy of the advertising campaign, based on competition with competitive products.
Promotions - shows, exhibitions, BTL and PR stock, wine, etc. All promotions are embedded in the concept of the campaign and also included in the media plan. It is established experimentally that advertising is beginning to produce results not earlier it fourfold repetition. 
Duration is the period during which meets certain actions of advertising nature. A week, two weeks, month, half year, year, etc. Campaign may be interrupted in connection with the purposes and objectives, as well as the seasonality of some of the advertised brands.
The concept is a General idea of the advertising campaign, including: advertising idea, reasoning and justification of the choice of means of advertising, the type and the logic of advertising media campaign based marketing tasks of the advertiser.
The advertising budget is the size and structure of financial resources allocated for conducting of advertising companies .
The brief written summary form, provided by the Customer to start media planning and drafting of the concept of the future advertising campaigns . After approval of the brief, the Agency independently prepares technical means of advertising impact and assess their cost, and also is a media planning of advertising. 
Media plan - Appendix to the Contract on placement with indication of the exact time the advertising of the Customer. Media mix (integrated media planning ) - a plan for the integrated use of different means of advertising for the advertising campaign , the content, the definition of financial resources for activities included in the plan of campaign .
Four-plus cover- the ideology of the advertising campaign involving four or more times repetition of advertising.